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What is ‘destination net unreachable’?

Ans.: This simply means that no connectivity exists between the remote system and the access point/Network?


  • At what point can a client experience maximal concurrent sessions?

Ans.: This occurs when two clients are trying to use the same account.


  • If my radius server is not responding, what do I do?

Ans: You can restart the rbs server from the remote desktop connections or call our technical support team.


  • What does ‘request timed out mean”?

Ans: this implies that the client workstation cannot connect to the network and should try again.


  • If a particular page cannot be displayed, what should I do?

Ans. Refresh the page or click on back on the internet explorer page.


  • Why am I getting an error page like “cannot find server”?

Ans. If the RJ 45 cables are not properly connected or radio not powered


  • Why am been shown maximal debt exceeded?

Ans. When your account expires within a specified period, you are alerted with such message.



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