Insurance Solution Suites

This is an insurance application platform that offers you a plethora of tools to manage your day-to-day operations. At the core, it helps brokers, agents, agencies, and carriers streamline their operations and save time and cost.


  1. Self-service portal with digital onboarding.
  2. Omnichannel payment(USSD, Cards, QR code, Bank Transfers, Account transfer, and Bank Branch) for 3rd party insurance policy.
  3. Web & Mobile compatibility
  4. Integration with Nigerian Insurance Industry Database(NIID)
  5. Chatbots with conversational UX to improve customer interactions at scale.
  6. Alerts and notifications
  7. Agents management
  8. Policy management (Generation, Expiration, Cancellation, Update, and Renewal)
  9. Policy pricing and Remittance
  10. Sales reports
  11. Executive Reporting system
  12. Custom add-ons as requested
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