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Network Design & Consultancy

Profitable and Efficient networks are designed, not built. We specialize in the design and setup of wired and wireless Wide and Local Area Data Networks, ISP Voice and Data centers and the continued provisioning of support services to run existing ISP networks. With a team of industry and academic experts in wired and wireless networking, ITClick solves challenging technical problems using tomorrow’s technology today.

ITClick offers independent and objective services from system analysis to design in Fiber Optics, Structured LANS, WiFi,
WiMAX, VoIP and VSAT technologies. We provide custom designs in licensed and unlicensed Wireless Networks, Hotspots, meshed/star VPNs, Firewall, Bandwidth management and Queues, VPN, Routing, BGP, OSPF, Billing and other advanced setups. We have assisted many Government agencies, ISPs and data centers startup and run successfully.

Our deep knowledge of target markets (Telecoms, banking, government, universities, hospitality, mobile commerce) combined with extensive expertise in wireless and mobile technologies ensures our ability to connect people, businesses
and ideas with speed and freedom.

Our networking expertise covers:

  • Site Location
  • Coverage & Interference Analysis
  • Satellite assisted geographical mappings and aerial analysis.
  • Detailed Wireless Link and path analysis
  • Wireless designs (Point-to-Multipoint, Point-to-Point, Meshed Metropolitan Network)
  • MTU, MDU, In-Building wireless designs and Hotspot implementation.
  • Remote Tower design and lightning protection
  • Automatic Frequency Planning
  • Traffic Prediction and Analysis
  • Telecom-Specific Mapping Capabilities
  • Telecom Server room design
  • NOC Cabling and Rack Management
  • Telecom DC/AC Power Solutions and protection
  • Telecoms Servers and network integration
  • Telecoms Billing Solutions
  • Remote offshore data backup solutions
  • Virtual Private Networking solutions


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