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C & KU-band VSAT Services

C & KU-band High speed Satellite Internet using the award winning Net Modem II or World Connect IV combo router.
ITClick connects customers directly to the Internet or to a worldwide MPLS backbone owned by UUNet. Access to the
Internet is provided via a direct satellite link, eliminating additional ISP charges, numerous hops through multiple routers,
and public network congestion. ITClick brings customers Internet presence directly to the source by providing web hosting at the state-of-the-art teleport facility where our hub is located, and which is connected directly to the Internet backbone via redundant OC12 fiber connections.

ITClick’s broadDirect™ Solution utilizes the iDirect technology, a state-of-the-art VSAT system that was designed from ground-up to support TCP/IP applications. The system has built-in features that provides protocol enhancement over
satellite, Web acceleration, TCP acceleration, Application QoS, and Real-time traffic Management capability. ITClick’s
broadDirect™ system has the ability to support numerous applications over a satellite system, including:

  1. High speed two-way Internet surfing
  2. E-Mail
  3. FTP
  4. Multicasting
  5. VPN
  6. VOIP
  7. Streaming Video

ITClick is offering the iDirect Data and voice services on the coverage provided by AMC12 as they provide very good
coverage of Nigeria and the rest of Africa

Astra-4A: African C-band
SES Astra-4A AMC-12 C-band Specifications

  • Positioned at 37.5`West
  • High-powered C-band with 42dB to 43dB over Africa
  • Comprehensive coverage of Africa
  • Highest level of space segment component redundancy
  • Launched in 2005 by SES Astra
  • Linear Cross-Pol polarization


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